Posted on Sun 30 Oct 2016, 09:15 AM

Veteran journalist, Uche Ezechukwu, has accused Uche Nworah, the MD ABS Awka who is also an SA to gov Obiano and the CEO Anambra Beauty Pageant of having a hand on the blackmail, abuse and destruction of the future of Miss Anambra 2015.

Mr Ezechukwu reacting to the sacrilegious lesbian sex video of Miss Anambra stated, “Mr Uche Nworah should please make public what happened during and after Chidinma’s birthday party which was officially hosted for her. Uche Nworah should please name those who were present and their contributions”.

He alleged that Chidinma’s ordeal started when Uche Nworah and ABS organised a birthday bash for Miss Chidinma in which they brought in people in govt and powerful politicians that graced the event.

These power individuals made donations running into millions and an attempt by the organisers to hijack the money and leave Chidinma with penny resulted into these blackmail.

According to Uche Ezechukwu, “Chidinma is suspecting that one of her chaperons must hve been used to drug her drink. It started with a rousing birthday party for her to which many people in and out of government were invited.

They made a lot of monetary donations amounting to hundreds of thousands of naira. Her handlers insisted on keeping a lion share of the money which was her birthday presents. When she protested, her travails began. She was subsequently drugged and set up and the sex-video session set up. Consequently, the sex-video session was organised”.

Mr Ezechukwu who is tracking the story and investigating has promised to expose all those behind it. “People, WE promised to get to the stage where we will name names”, Ezechukwu fumed.

Meanwhile, a member of APGA Interactive Forum who is also a senior lawyer, Barr Chukwunweike Francis Maduekwe has promised to give free legal services to Chidinma. He equally promised to assemble the best legal luminaries to defend the poor girl from these horrible and evil cabal.

Source: Scan news

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